A Shade of Vampire~Bella Forrest, Review!


A Shade Of Vampire is the #1 Christmas Bestseller in Vampire Romance,Paranormal & Fantasy on Amazon,written by Bella Forrest.


I received the copy of A Shade Of Vampire from the Author in exchange of a honest review.

Thankyou Bella!


Characters:Sofia Claremount,Derek Novak,Lucas,Vivienne,Ben

On the eve of her 17th Birthday,Sofia Claremount faces a nightmare she could have never imagined.

Sofia Claremount is a beautiful 17 year old, who is taking a walk on the beach,Her bestfriend Ben,has forgotten her birthday,again,Her day could not have gotten worse than this, When she faces a nightmare,the one she could not ever believe.She is taking captive by Lucas-A Vampire,to join the Harem of Derek Novak.

Sofia is stuck on an island called The Shade, where the sun never shines, where humans are treated as slaves by the vampires.

Slave to the most powerful vampire in this world Sofia…

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Lets make a Choice

Koshur Rohit Daily

12269_4613935540826_1672990835_nEvery Girl has two choices to make when someone passes a comment, pounces, pinches etc. One, to retaliate and make it clear that it is unacceptable. Second, cower down, look for the shortest route home and make a mental note to avoid that particular road/locality/corner whenever possible.

Unfortunately all girls are taught to do is the latter. What many dont understand is that this is a horribly wrong choice to make. The girl should discourage an indecent man from repeating his actions. If this is not done at the outset, it emboldens him by reaffirming his idea of power over the girl. Ignoring or avoiding makes it so much worse for all the girls/women who are about to cross that place as the girl does not discourage the man to try it again.

Chaotic growth, Pathetic Policing meant to protect VVIPs and a judicial system close to collapse makes Delhi…

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Rain drops

A long road


We were meant to be together,

This was supposed to happen,

You, me and us, our life.

Every touch of yours is endearing;

Every kiss has a meaning;

A smile from you lights up my day;

Nothing can go wrong on our way.

I have everything I need,

You by my side, in this picture perfect scene.

Walking hand in hand, through ups and down;

“Sweetheart, hear our favorite sound?”

How the rain caressed the earth,

That woody smell invigorated us.

We took shelter beneath a tree;

Thinking about all the possibilities, you and me,

We just talked, standing there,

But one bolt of lightning silenced us,

I gazed up at you,  shy to see the love you have for me,

Coming closer, you held me tightly;

I  breathed in your essence.

You whispered sweet nothings, and I shied away,

You took my chin, pulled me even closer;

Our lips…

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Iron Man 3 Review by DB



iron-man-3-posterWhen Marvel took over their own properties in 2008 and made their first release the original Iron Man, few believed it would become the juggernaut it has. Now, billions of dollars later, they are starting Phase 2 and making the latest Iron Man movie the starting point. Luckily, The Avengers made people return to the series after the mediocre second film turned many fans off.

This time out, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is having a crisis. After nearly dying trying to save the world, and realizing humans are not alone in the universe, he is having a hard time coming to grips with everything. The once cool billionaire playboy is now having panic attacks and determined to protect the only thing that matters to him – his girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth paltrow).

Meanwhile, a terrorist named the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) is wreaking havoc…

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